Our school provides opportunities for students, staff and parents to know and celebrate their Catholic faith. This is done through the religious life of our school. Members of our community experience a rich liturgical and prayer life, celebration of the Sacraments, faith formation, social outreach activities, and opportunities to share faith with each other and with youth from other schools in the Archdiocese.

Jesus Christ and his teachings are central to the school’s vision and mission statements and permeate all aspects of school policy, planning and action. A strong emphasis on the knowledge of formal prayers and a range of prayer experiences encourages staff and students’ commitment to the Catholic life of the school. We pray together as a community daily with different prayer focuses across the year, remembering that when we pray we are entering into deeper conversation with God. The Angelus, led by Year 6 students, is prayed daily at noon across the school.

St Catherine Labouré School Prayer 

God, our loving father,
We thank you for our school community of
St Catherine Labouré.
Help us to grow together in
unity, friendship and learning;
where everyone feels welcomed,
respected and loved.
Guide us to act justly and care for our environment
while we grow in faith.

We pray for our families, teachers,
priests and for each other.
Help us to be more like your son, Jesus,
in all that we say and do.
May the Holy Spirit inspire us to lead lives
of goodness and grace.